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Certified seeds of the desired genetic purity standard and higher yield potential alongwith proper application of fertilizers and assured irrigation facilities, etc. hold the key to the improvement in the yield of crops. PUNSEED has engaged itself in the production of various high yielding variety seeds for major Kharif and Rabi crops sown in the State of Punjab. The foundation seeds of different crops / varieties as recommended by the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) are procured by PUNSEED and supplied to the registered seeds growers, as share holders or contract growers for multiplication into certified seeds. Thus, the activities of PUNSEED cover, the procurement of foundation seeds, supply of foundation seeds to the growers, inspection of raw seeds of the standing crops, procurement of raw seeds at the Seed Processing Plant level, grading, processing, arranging for certification of seeds by Punjab State Seed Certification Authority, packing and tagging and transportation of seeds in marketable bags for sale to the farmers.

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