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Critical Analysis

PUNSEED has been focusing on the supply of certified seeds mainly for wheat to the farmers. Even for this crop, PUNSEED is not meeting the requirement of seeds to the full extent and the achievement has fallen short for the last 5 years (1995-96 to 1999-00). However, the seed supply position in paddy has been satisfactory. PUNSEED has also started to focus on meeting the seed requirement for vegetables, oil seeds, fodder, etc. For diversification of agriculture, PUNSEED has to re-focus on production and marketing of certified and hybrid seeds of cotton maize, sorghum, paddy and fodder.
The augmentation of this core competency in processing and distribution of certified seeds, will depend upon competition from private seed producing agencies and the farmers themselves going for multiplication of seeds at their own level and marketing of their own certified seeds as private entrepreneurs.
The need for supplying certified seeds to the farmers cannot be overlooked. To meet the challenges of post green revolution period further diversification of agriculture is inevitable, requiring certified seeds for different crops. A great push to the production of certified seeds is expected in the coming times.
PUNSEED has established its own brand image as a supplier of quality seeds to the progressive farmers who are becoming aware of the advantages of the use of certified seeds for increasing crop yields. PUNSEED has also an efficient supply chain consisting of 400 dealers, 550 co-operative societies and 600 focal points, besides the Department of Agriculture. All these aspects offer tremendous opportunities for growth to PUNSEED. But the Corporation has to exist on its own strength.

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