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                       Relevance for Certified Seeds in Agriculture Production
Paddy - wheat rotation occupies about 71% of the cropped area in Punjab. The sustainability of this crop rotation is becoming more & more uncertain. However, with technological upgradation, yields of various crops can be increased significantly. At present the seed replacement ratio in the State is 11% both for paddy and cotton and 4.5 % for wheat (as against the national target of 15%, 20% & 33% for wheat, paddy and cotton respectively by 2000). High yielding varieties of seeds must be renewed every 3 years to maintain the yields of crops. In case of wheat, use of certified seeds has been estimated to give an additional output of one quintal per acre / 2.5quintals per hectare. Thus the total area of 33.88 lac hectares under wheat can provide Punjab farmers with an additional production of about 7 lac tons per season at the rate of 100% use of certified seeds. This value comes to Rs.300 crore at MSP of Rs.600/- per quintal with assumption of 25% reduction in the cost of certified seeds. This amount is estimated to rise to about Rs.500-600 crore for all crops with the use of certified seeds only. .
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