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     Punjab State Seeds Corporation Limited was incorporated in 1976 with the      objective to provide better quality seeds at reasonable price to farmers and      develop such a seed production infrastructure that is able to respond rapidly           to the fast changing demand of seeds of all kinds with least possible costs.           The specific objectives of the Corporation are as under:

a)  To implement the State Seeds Project forming part of National Seeds      Programme in accordance with the arrangements between International      Development Agency/International Bank for Reconstruction Development,      Government of India, National Seeds Corporation Limited, Punjab      Government and the Company or between any two or more of them.

b)  To undertake the production of certified seeds in sufficient quantities to      support the National Production Program and of any crops or varieties coming      under the preview of seeds Act.

c)  To provide quality seeds at reasonable prices to farmers to support the high      yielding varieties program

d)  To process certified seeds on scientific and commercial lines.

e)  To install, manage and operate processing plants and seed storage facilities.

f)  To undertake and promote research in agriculture in general and seed      production, processing, preserving and storage techniques in the particular,      in collaboration with ICAR, Agricultural Universities and National Seeds      Corporation Limited and other Institutions.

g)  To make arrangements for supply of foundation seed to grower share-holders      through the National Seeds Corporation Limited for varieties of all-India and      regional importance and through other agencies for other varieties

h)  To carry on business as seed merchants, to buy, sell, prepare for market and      deal in seeds of all kinds.

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